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An Old Love Poem
An Old Love Poem
How much do I care for you? Let me explain.
I love you with all my heart, more than you think.
My soul and yours will always share a link.
For I’ll defend you, no matter the strain.
I always find you in the thoughts of my brain.
Most people say I need your permission to blink.
I do not care if it’s written in ink.
I would give you my heart, again and again.
I care not if you love another instead.
In all of the time, I have spent with you
I am a knight, and you are my princess.
With all of my heart, I’ll love you til I’m dead.
Smiles for you are all I’d pursue.
I only would ask you for just one kiss.
:iconnerdking14:Nerdking14 2 3
Moonlight Shadow
It was late at night, probably past 9:30. He didn't care that he had asked her to go for a walk with him back when school ended, he was enjoying there time together. "Hey Kyle." He heard her speak up behind him.
"Yeah?" he asked.
"You sure we should be out this late?"
"What's wrong? I thought you liked the dark." In truth, it was kinda bright out. There was a full moon and almost no clouds in the sky.
"Oh, I do. It's just, it doesn't feel safe for some reason." she said, looking a little nervous. He suddenly saw her come closer and take her hand.
"Karla, relax." he said with a warm smile. "Nothing's going to happen to you. I promise."
She smiled back at him. She knew he really would protect her. "Hey Kyle, I've got a riddle for you. 1,4,3."
He gave her a confused look. "What's that mean?"
"It's a riddle." she said with a clever smile. "You have to figure it out."
"Usually, a riddle has some words, or hey, maybe a question?" he said back.
"Oh come on, Kyle. You're smart."
Kyle tried to
:iconnerdking14:Nerdking14 6 5
Flames of Hatred: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: A Promise
Eversong Woods. It was a little after dusk, the color of the forest just starting to fade.  All of the forest creatures had gone to sleep. Yet this evening, another, more uncommon creature rested in the cool of the night. Humans. How they had gotten here and why was unknown. Perhaps they had come from the Plaguelands, narrowly escaping the Scourge. Yet, they were still not safe.
The Alliance of old was long forgotten, but their betrayal was still fresh in their minds. When Lor’themar Tharon, the new ruler of the Sin’dorei, learned of humans in their lands, he swiftly decided to have them removed. He knew just who to send as well. Kael’thas’ most skilled assassin, Lanoc.
Lanoc was a mysterious elf. No one knew anything personal about him. No one knew his last name, what he did before the Sunwell, nothing. However, while he always kept himself closed in, he always got his job done.
Lanoc looked like most blood elves, with scarlet hair an
:iconnerdking14:Nerdking14 2 3


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